Shadowverse CCG

  • Publisher : e-CLUB
  • Genre : Card Game

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Shadowverse CCG
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Four million battles every day. One Shadowverse. Japan's #1 strategic card game. Made by card gamers for card gamers.

Shadowverse is Japan's #1 strategic card game!

- There are millions of Shadowverse battles every day, and a multitude of ways to play

- Easy to get into, thanks to a singleplayer story mode, free card packs for new players, and bonuses every day

- Battles are finely balanced, with less RNG than other card games, and balance adjustments take place every month

- New card expansions are released every three months, unleashing new deck-building strategies and battle tactics

- We’ve got a great community of 22 million players and counting, with tournaments and esports broadcasts every week and support for streamers

- Featuring beautiful art and animations and fully voiced cards and story