1. 1 Using your PC, mobile phone or tablet, go to

  2. 2 Select the game that you are playing. You will be redirected to your chosen game’s page.

  3. 3 Choose the ePIN amount or denomination you want to buy from the dropdown selection. Click ‘BUY’.

  4. 4 Upon clicking 'BUY' you will be prompted to enter your mobile number.

  5. 5 You will receive a verification code via SMS.

  6. 6 Enter the Verification Code.

  7. 7 Click ‘SUBMIT’. If you have sufficient mobile load balance [prepaid] or credit limit [postpaid], your transaction will proceed. Upon successful transaction, Click the ‘CLICK TO VIEW PURCHASED PIN’ button.

  8. 8 Your ePIN code will be displayed on web.

  9. 9 When you click “DONE” you will be redirected to homepage.
  10. 10 Repeat Step 3 if you want to buy ePINs for other games.
  1. 1 Choose Game, Denomination, and Quantity

  1. 2 Using your PC, mobile phone or tablet, go to